Friday, July 12, 2002


Peevish's eighth performance, September 7th, 2001.
Astoria Visual Arts Gallery, Astoria, Oregon.

The sounds and certain performance elements were produced in a room adjoining the audience, separated by curtains with peep holes for their viewing pleasure.  Other performance elements took place in the room with the audience.

The Cry for Leaking Charity

Jean-Paul - vocals
Joe - cornet
Wilson - synth, prepared sounds
Taylor - sax
Joseph and Blair - object collection and arrangement

Production of Worms
Blair - marimba
Joseph - cello
Jean-Paul and Taylor - clarinet
Wilson and Joe - framing and viewing

Why Do You Think That?
Blair, Jean-Paul, Joe, Joseph, Taylor, Wilson - toys, stomping, tapping,hitting, banging, stomping, prepared sounds, clapping

Ceremonial Distinction
Wilson, Joe, Blair
- containers with marbles, howling out
Joseph, Jean-Paul, Taylor
- Gene Hoffman for State Senate, containers with marbles, howling in

Point and Click
- featured on cello
Joe - words
Taylor - sax
Wilson - synth, guitar
Blair, Jean-Paul
- measurements, labels, data

prepared sounds
Blair, Jean-Paul, Joe, Joseph, Taylor Wilson - cameras


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